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I write this 2 months after my sister decided to take her own life. Although I'm still in shock and things have been hard, I think what keeps my mind at peace is knowing she is safe. Mariah was the type of person to love and protect so hard, that's just one of my many favorite qualities about my big sister. She loved and accepted me no matter what stupid things I would get into and call her about. She was my best friend for years. Mia was such a passionate human being and that's what I will miss most, her soul was so radiant and full of compassion for others.

I remember everything from our first makeover to our last girls date together. For the longest time, we held each-other together, I know people drift apart and things happen but I sure as hell wish it would've been a different outcome for my sister. I want her memory to help others, it's what she would've wanted. I wish we could make this sickness end..suicide, drugs, all of it!

We need to come together and spread love and happiness in memory of my sweet sweet sister.

Love you Mia.-Your little peanut️"

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