Contributing Editors

Contributing Editors:

Ana Counts
(Mariah's friend)

Gianna Panetta
(Mariah's sister)


  1. Hi, I met Mariah at CR.. but we were in different stages of the program.. it'd be nice to have a About Mariah Bio page or section.. i knew her in person briefly, a shiny happy person when she left but i dont know her story too well and missed the post about the CR meeting that was about her story.. just a suggestion.. I know myself and so many that suffer from mental illness plus substance abuse and addiction. Her bio could be what you're comfortable with, this page touches me but i wish i knew more to further the connection. <3 Rachael

    1. Hello Rachael, Thank you for your input, I agree a bio is needed. I'm going to work on that with Mariah's family! I'll announce it once I post it. Thank you for sharing those comments about her. If you ever need to talk you can email me anytime! Stay strong!

      Ana Counts