Monday, June 6, 2016

It Never Fails

I’ve been working on a few very important things that I’m pretty excited about. There is so much to think about and so much I want to do in memory of Mariah. My focus will always be to spread awareness and give hope to those in recovery but I also want to keep her memory alive.

I’m always thinking of our girl! To this day, my heart still aches for her and she is never far from my thoughts. This past week I was talking about Mariah with Allen. We always tend to bring her up in our conversations every time we talk, it never fails. And almost every time we talk a different memory of their time together will emerge from his memory. Allen told me when they had their own place on 61st Ave, times were getting rough, really rough. Most nights they would bunker down together, curl up in bed and Mariah would spend hours just reading her books to him. He said when she would read she did it in such a way that he could visualize the story in his head and it was almost better than watching TV.

After he was done telling me this memory I just paused for a moment and looked at him and smiled saying “hum that’s a beautiful memory WOW”. “Forget about the circumstances, that memory of you two snuggling together and her doing what she loved READING to you is so precious”. Allen just grinned looking off into space, I’m sure his mind reminiscing in that moment. Then said to him “Remember those times, forget about the bad stuff and just remember the gems like the story you just told me, that’s how she wants to be remembered”. When I think of Mariah I have to remind myself of that advice. We tend to think of all the “I should of and the I could of” that we forget those special moments and all the time we got to spend with her. 

Oh, how we miss you!

If you have memory PLEASE message me so I can I share it. It’s so important to keep those memories alive.