Friday, March 11, 2016

The Library

The library is up!

Thank you to all those who donated books! The library would not exists had it not been for all those who donated all them amazing books. Thank you to my amazing group of volunteers. All the donated baked treats gave us the funding to buy the shelves. THANK YOU to the Pigeon Coop and the home group meetings on Thursday @ 8pm and Saturday @ 7:30pm for allowing me to set up camp and sell all those baked goods so we could buy the materials needed for this project. In times of great despair so many benevolent hearts came forward and gave little pieces of themselves which made this library have meaning to those woman at Crossroads who are still fighting for sobriety. It said to them YOU matter and it said to this world... those who struggle matter... and we value life and WE value who Mariah was and the roll she had in this world. 

Monday was a day filled with so many emotions. There was laughing and there where tears. As it came to an end we each grabbed a balloon and wrote her a little message. I sat there and watched everyone let go of their balloon... then I let go of mine and this overwhelming feeling of peace came over me. As I looked around everyone was hugging each other watching the balloons drift away into the sky. The girls at Crossroad sang Happy Birthday to her and it was beautiful. It gave me chills!! As we left that evening the girls at Crossroad gave us so much love!! They kept hugging us and thanking us for doing this for them. It was healing for my soul to see their joy and appreciation. One girl said to me... "I can't believe your doing this, it feels so good to know people like you actually care wow thank you". I couldn't help but think to myself how Mariah would have loved this. She was all about things like this not to mention she would have LOVED this library.

Thank you God for giving us this gift and allowing us to do your will.

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