Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Plan

Hello every one!! I had to take a small break. I needed time for a very important family event, but I'm back now and it's back to the mission! I am currently still collecting books for Mariah's library at Crossroads Flower. If I haven't met up with you yet please be patient with me I'm a one woman show. (for now)

I would like to thank the staff at Crossroads For Woman for allowing us to build a memorial library in honor of Mariah. They have been so generous in giving me the time and space needed. I can't wait to finish and do the revel. I need volunteers! If you would like to join me in this meaningful mission please message me. Any and all help is needed.

Here is the plan....

I found the bookcases at Ikea. They are exactly what is needed to build this library. I will be painting the wall behind the shelving purple. (Mariah's favorite color) I also will be putting up a large 20x30 framed picture of Mariah. I was even thinking of stenciling some inspirational quotes on the wall!

BookCASE 1: This will fit perfectly in a space where there is a corner. It will allow us to utilize every inch of that area.

BookCASE 2: This piece will sit next to bookcase 1 allowing us to put up a beautiful memorial picture of Mariah above it that Crossroads suggested we put up to give as a reminder of our loss.

BookCASE 3: This shelf will sit next to bookcase 2 completing the wall unit.
The total cost for the shelving unit will be $629.91. WHEW... funds are needed!

If you have any fundraiser ideas PLEASE contact me,! If you would like to donate PLEASE contact me! I realize this is a mission I started on my own but I was hoping to bring all of us together to make this small tribute to Mariah happen. I think it would have a huge impact if we all had our hands in this. Not only would it mean so much to Mariah's family but it would mean so much to the woman at Crossroads fighting for their sobriety.

Whether you understand addiction or not it's a real thing that so many people are fighting to overcome. Addiction is YOUR aunt or uncle, mom, dad, brother, sister or friend... it's someone YOU care about. Doing something is saying "we care"! Whether it's handing out blessing bags to those sleeping on the street, or volunteering at a homeless shelter or a recovery center.... OR donating books or shelving... everything counts and it makes a difference!

I was shooting for Mariah's birthday on March 7th, but I'm not to sure that's going to happen. Prayers would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks Everyone!

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