Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Being a Heroin Addict

Mariah’s little sister messaged me the other day. She found this article and she said, “something about this spoke to me.” Upon reading the article myself I was amazed at how close to home it really hit. As I read this article I could see both Mariah and Allen in this story, only he lost her, not the other way around.

Having had a front row seat to their lives. I had to sit there and watch the rapid decline of their health and watch them slowly being enslaved by the astonishing power heroin possessed. I think this young lady expressed it perfectly!

"When I moved to Colorado after high school, heroin had my soul and it wasn’t planning on ever giving it back." - By kalielizabeth0139

"Being a heroin addict was putting a needle in my arm for the first time. It was living in my best friends room for months, only coming out when we needed more dope. It was shooting up the second my eyes opened just so I could get out of bed and consider starting my day." - By kalielizabeth0139


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