Friday, January 22, 2016

Forever Your Mon Loup

I remember when Mariah and I went to San Francisco. It was such a spontaneous moment, we realized that a festival called Rock the Bells was taking place in a week in Mountain View, CA. So we bought two tickets to San Fran and we left that Thursday. (Giggle) We were all smiles the entire time… completely in love, in a magical city. We arrived at this festival with VIP tickets that were roughly 8-10 rows from the stage, that's how we did things loud and big. The two day concert was amazing we got to see all of our favorite rappers and RnB artists. Mariah got to go on stage with TYGA and danced her heart out with her 5 inch stilettos, (smiling) looking like nothing to mess with, she was glowing and she looked so beautiful! She came back to our seats and instantly received looks left and right from every man in the vicinity I didn't care because I knew this women had love for one man and I was lucky enough to be that man. We continued to enjoy nothing but good vibes, people, and music all night. I even got to meet my favorite artist ASAP Rocky and I about turned into a school girl, I was so excited. The next day we spent it in the heart of downtown San Francisco and we instantly fell in love with this amazing magical city. I promised her in China town that I would make all the necessary moves to get us to Frisco to live there for the rest of our days and that I wouldn't stop hustling until I made that happen. I may not be able to keep that promise anymore but I'll never stop grinding for that dream because there will be a day when I'm living in a beautiful high rise overlooking a city… and when I do it will forever remind me of Mariah. She was the only girl I ever wanted to move away with especially to San Francisco, the Bay will forever be “our” town.

San Francisco will always remind me of Mariah’s love and how unconditional it was. I'm truly blessed to have experienced that beautiful women’s love! There hasn't been a day where I don't talk to her and ask her to guide my path. I want to be that man she so deserved, so I’ll dedicate my sobriety to you Mariah and the journey to come. I love you Mariah with all my soul and I will miss you every minute of every day that I live.

Forever your Mon Loup
Allen Counts

It means my wolf in French. We made a code word to start every conversation with Mon Loup so we knew it was each other… (laughing) It just stuck and we called each other that all the time.

Allen & Mariah in San Francisco

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story. I love you Allen. Xoxoxo

    Your cousin Jeannie