Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Telling Her Story

When Mariah died Allen said, “How am I going to make amends with her now? I was going to make my wrongs right by her.” His sponsor told him… Go to the place where Mariah first got introduced to recovery and ask those women what you can do. Take what they say to heart.

This past weekend Allen Counts went to Crossroads for Women and told just a fraction of Mariah’s story. It was a gritty honest account of his role in Mariah’s past, including moments of her kindness and love. It was a humbling experience sitting in the crowd listening to him speak about his role in their addiction together. At times I found it hard to breath, the air was thick and the silence in the room was defining. Throughout his speech I kept imagining Mariah sitting there next to him with her hand on his shoulder, proud of him for speaking out. Proud of him for keeping his word to her. Proud he was telling those woman the ugly truth as hard as it was. That’s just the kind of person she was even more so when it came to Allen.

You can’t talk about Mariah without talking about Allen. They were together for 3 years. All three of those years, as addicts, going from bad to worse. They enabled each other and used each other in some form. But they loved each other in spite of how they lived. Sadly the truth is when two addicts are using together the relationship becomes toxic and deadly; more times than others one gets left behind because the TRUTH is some are sicker than others. Mariah was that one who couldn’t fight off the demons, she struggled with ‘wanting’ to get sober because the pain of reality was too much to bare.

Their request was (as if Mariah was speaking herself) “keep doing what you are doing by telling her story and start an HA (Heroin Anonymous) meeting at our facility. Something Mariah wanted when she was a resident there. He made a promise to her and to those women in Crossroads to spread her story in an effort to save others. Our goal is never let her memory fade, to spread her message in hopes to inspire others. To inspire women and men to get the help needed to overcome addiction and depression. This is for you Mia! We miss you… we love you and are always thinking about you.

"Hope is the thing with feathers"

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